HSZ-A hand chain hoist

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Lifting Capacity

0.5T, 1.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T

Lifting Chain Diameter

10MM, 6MM, 8MM

Standard Lift Height

2.5m, 3m

Product Details:

Product advantages

1.Using Japanese technology
2.Alloy Steel Structural Steel Slate

The sprocket cover and the brake housing provide double protection for the brakes, making it waterproof and mud resistant.

3.Quality gears

20CrMnTi gears with high frequency carburization and 45-55HRC.

4.Quenching And Refining G80 Chain

Medium frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear, anti-corrosion, selected lifting chain, test load is durable and safe.


  • CE, GS European Quality Certificate
  • Heat treated three gears in high quality steel
  • High strength load sheave in ductile cast iron
  • Integral sealed bearing increases mechanical efficiency
  • Double pawl mechanism enhances brake safety


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